At OH! Marketing we use data-driven analytics and experience to help brands find their North Star, harness the power of a strong strategy, and reach their business goals.

We can help you create, develop and maintain an agile marketing strategy that will get customers clicking and converting.

In today’s world chance has it that you already have your hands full managing your operations while trying to grow your business. Add the stress of trying to keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape and you can easily be overwhelmed.

Let us help you create, develop and maintain an agile marketing strategy. We will walk you through the process of identifying your business objectives, understanding your customer’s buyer journey, and choosing the right marketing tools and channels to acquire and retain customers. If you don’t have an integrated marketing plan you may be missing sales opportunities and leaving money on table, or be spending money on marketing that it providing you no value. Read on!

Our Marketing Strategy Process

Marketing Strategy Session

You are the experts of your own business, the purpose of this marketing strategy session is to get a deeper understanding of your business goals, what challenges you face and what you want a marketing strategy to deliver on. It’s also great for us to understand what has worked and not worked for you in the past. We have a unique OH! Marketing Marketing Strategy work book we will work through with you which will ask you specific questions to help us understand your target personas, key challenges, opportunies, and help us align the right strategy for your business.

Marketing Analytics Deep Dive

Data is cruical to creating an agile marketing strategy. We will do a deep dive into your analytics to understand how your business is currently operating, customer behaviour work flows, where you are doing well and what you could improve on. Marketing Analytics enables us to find things you as the business owner may not know from the outset and helps us to advise on how you can optimise your current efforts to be more effective, efficient and beneficial for you and your customers.

Channel Selection, Budgeting & Funnel Creation

The right marketing tools and channels are what will really get you noticed. There is no point spending money on Instagram ads if your target market arn’t using this platform. We will design a channel and funnel startegy to help you be in the right places, at the right times, showing your ads to the right audience. We will also create a unique marketing funnel aligned to your business goals to nuture these customers along a journey to learn, engage, consider, convert, and delight with your business. We have marketing funnels that have been proven to work for both sales and service based businesses.

Marketing Strategy Presentation

Finally we will put it all together in a presentation for you which will outline your business objectives, understanding of your customer’s buyer journey, and channel selection and marketing funnels to acquire and retain and delight your customers. 

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